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The Bait rematch – Tau Shan’al Shi’ur vs. Imperial Navy

Stephen and I wanted to get together to play another game of Gothic.  However, due to mutual delays, we couldn't get started until 9pm.  Stephen suggested a rematch of The Bait, which he played against my Dark Eldar.  This time, however, I was the pursued as my Tau Kor'or'vesh fleet!


Mission: The Bait

Setting: Outer Reaches


Bozeman - Tau Kor'or'vesh Shan'al Shi'ur

-Lar'shi'vre "Protector" class cruiser, T'au Lar'shi'vre Aloh Sho'ka, T'olku configuration (pursued ship)

-Il'porrui "Emmisary" class light cruiser, T'au Il'porrui M'yen Lar'shi, Bor'kan configuration (squadroned with two other ships below)

-----Il'porrui "Emmisary" class light cruiser, T'au Il'porrui Lynu Kar'tyr, Bor'kan configuration

-----Il'porrui "Emmisary" class light cruiser, T'au Il'porrui Sh've Mont're, Sa'cea configuration

-Vral Squadron: 4 Kir'la "Warden" escorts and 1 Kir'shash'vre "Castellan" escort


Stephen - Imperial Navy

-Avenger class grand cruiser

-Dauntless light cruiser (torpedo configuration)

-Dauntless light cruiser (lance configuration)

-Squadron of 2 Cobra destoryers




Turn 1 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

The Aloh Sho'ka fails to go on Come to a New Heading, and so simply moves and launches missiles and a fighter for a CAP.

Turn 1 - Imperial Navy

A bad roll prevents the fleet from going on special orders.  The whole fleet advances.

Turn 2 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

Aloh Sho'ka Reloads Ordnance and turns.

Turn 2 - Imperial Navy

Cobras and the torpedo Dauntless get All Ahead Full, but the other ships don't.  Small torpedo wave from a cobra stops the CAP around the Aloh Sho'ka, and the Dauntless fires torpedoes.  It fails to brace.  One damage causes an Engine Room Damaged result!

Turn 3 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

Aloh Sho'ka re-launches a CAP and fires at the Cobras, taking down a shield.  The squadron of 3 Emissary light cruisers arrives, and fire 8 missiles at the lance Dauntless.  One missile is shot down by turrets and the rest... MISS!  8 misses on a roll of 5+! Things are looking down for the Tau...

Turn 3 - Imperial Navy

Fleet moves up, but fire is ineffective.  The other Cobra fires torpedoes at the Aloh Sho'ka and removes the fighters on CAP.

Turn 4 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

Aloh Sho'ka goes on All Ahead Full to get around the Warp Rift.  The Emissaries Reload Ordnance and fire on the Dauntless again, doing minor damage.  The missiles remove a Cobra.

Turn 4 - Imperial Navy

The lance Dauntless fires on the Emissaries, but do no damage.  The torpedo Dauntless fails to reload, so it chases the Aloh Sho'ka.

Turn 5 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

The Emissaries Reload Ordnance, and combined fire reduces the lance Dauntless to a Blazing Hulk!  Vral Squadron comes in from the board edge, destroys the other Cobra, and lowers a shield on the torpedo Dauntless!  The Dauntless Braces for Impact.

Turn 5 - Imperial Navy

The blazing Dauntless suffers a Plasma Drive Overload, exploding and firing 4 lances at one of the Emissaries, lowering one shield and doing no damage.  The Avenger grand cruiser puts the Emissaries in its sight, but a poor roll does no damage.  Torpedo Dauntless on Brace fires ineffectually at Vral Squadron.

Turn 6 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

Emmisaries Come to a New Heading to get a shot on the Avenger, but the order reduces their weapons and has little effect.  The Aloh Sho'ka Reloads Ordnance and fires missiles and a Manta Bomber.  Vral Squadron cripples the Dauntless.

Turn 6 - Imperial Navy

Dauntless disengages.  The Avenger fires on the Emissaries causing a Brace.

Turn 7 - Tau Shan'al Shi'ur

Emissaries fire on the Avenger, taking down only 2 shields.  Missiles and the Manta prove ineffective.

Turn 7 - Imperial Navy

Avenger disengages.  Turn not pictured.


Final score:

Bozeman: 219.5

Stephen: 0


Stephen really loves that Avenger.  Honestly, I can't understand why.  It's up-gunned, but only up close.  It has no dorsal or prow armaments to lend it some versatility.  It seems to be good only against the Imperial Navy, who also has to get close, or perhaps Tyranids.  I'm not a fan.  I'd rather have the Vengeance which can scare the pants off of Eldar, or the Exorcist for some fighter craft fun.  The Avenger lost him this game, even though it didn't get hurt.  It was so SLOW, and short range that it didn't get to do much.  More Dauntlesses, escorts, or Nova Cannons would have been nice.  A Dominator could have ended the Aloh Sho'ka in two or three turns with luck, or forced it to brace in fear the whole game.

Next: more Gothic?  Projects?  Perhaps some fun times at Highland?


Compendium Updates

Check the sections to the right.  Blood Bowl has been given a version 2.0 upgrade with MASSIVE re-organization.  Battlefleet Gothic also got a minor tweak.  Rules for setting up Warp Rifts were added to the terrain setup section.


Imperial Navy vs. Dark Eldar – The Bait (at AFK)

Dastardly Dark Eldar pirates have been preying on shipping lanes.  Top Admirals plan to risk the Avenger class Grand Cruiser Enif to set a trap for the pesky aliens!  Will the Dark Eldar be curtailed, or will the Imperials come up with empty nets?


Mission: The Bait - Deep Space


Bozeman - Dark Eldar

-Torture class cruiser Gift of Discord, Launch Bays, Mimic Engines

-Corsair class escort x2, The Knives of Sweetness, Impaler Attack Craft, Mimic Engines

-Corsair class escort x2, Needle's Promise, Impaler Attack Craft, Mimic Engines


Stephen - Imperial Navy

-Avenger Grand Cruiser Enif (Pursued Ship)

-Lunar Cruiser Adara

-Dominator Cruiser Avior

-Dauntless Light Cruiser Resa (Lances)



Before the game began, the Dark Eldar took a move, thanks to Mimic Engines!

Turn 1 - Imperial Navy

The Enif goes on All Ahead Full.  No help arrives.

Turn 1 - Dark Eldar

The Knives of Sweetness Come to a New Heading to avoid the dust cloud, and the whole fleet fires Torpedoes, Impalers, and Bombers.  Total damage done to the Enif is 6, including two Engine Room Damaged results!  The Enif refuses to Brace for Impact.

Turn 2 - Imperial Navy

The rest of the Imperial fleet arrives, with the Lunar and Dauntless on All Ahead full!  A bank shot from the Dominator removes one of the Needle's Promise escorts.  Torpedoes stop short of the Gift of Discord.

Turn 2 - Dark Eldar

Lucky torpedoes cause 2 damage to the Gift of Discord!  The Dark Eldar fleet Reloads Ordnance, except the remaining Needle's Promise escort who disengages.  Battery fire finishes the Enif, but lucky turrets and Brace saves prevent the launched ordnance from harming the Lunar and Dominator.

Turn 3 - Imperial Navy

The surviving fleet closes in.  Failure to brace by the Gift of Discord dooms it to a drifting hulk!  The Knives of Sweetness brace and survive.

Turn 3 - Dark Eldar

The Knives of Sweetness attempt a bold boarding action!  ...they lose and one of them dies.  Game ceded.


Final Score

Imperial Navy - 325

Dark Eldar - 230


Ugh!  I could have won had I disengaged on turn 2 (a classic Dark Eldar move) but I got greedy.  The Dark Eldar all-ordnance fleet is terrifying, but I think next time a more balanced approach could give me more options, such as Lock On with Phantom Lances and Batteries.  Stephen did what you should do in The Bait: pounce!

Next: Epic Eldar, possibly a training mission for Gothic, more Epic at Highland, and perhaps more Compendium stuff!  Stay tuned!


Battlefleet Gothic 1505 Fleet Engagement – Marines vs. Imperial Navy

Had an amazing game of Gothic with Stephen, despite some setbacks.  But first, a shout out to all the peeps at AFK games in Holt for all the incredibly diverse games played!

First, some amazing Eldar tanks with clear red glazed canopies that look great!

Next, some shots of an amazing super-weathered Mantis Warriors army, fighting hard to regain their honor after the Badab war.  Those fellas could use a bit of fresh paint.  How about it, Munitorum?


Nathaniel's white Imperial Guard tango with Mr. Cat's tan colored Crimson Fists.

Josh's Brettonians square off against some Lizardmen!

One table was set up with the Robotech miniatures game!  Valkyries clashed with Zentraedi pods over a city!

Long time Fourstrands contributor Stephen (Dark Angels) was practicing for a tournament with his partner, who had a stunning Saim-Hann Eldar army.

Finally, there was even some Warmahordes!  Here's a nice Circle list led by Morvahna.


Scenario - Fleet Engagement - 1505 points

Battlezone - Primary Biosphere


Bozeman - Azure Flames Space Marines

-Piers, Master of the Fleet, one re-roll (aboard His Hammer II)

-Battlebarge His Hammer II

-Battlebarge His Anvil

-Strike Cruiser Sacrifice, extra shield (squadroned with following two ships)

---Strike Cruiser Vigilance, extra shield

---Strike Cruiser Courage, extra shield

-Nova Frigates x2, Flame Squadron


Stephen - Imperial Navy

-Admiral (Ld9), one re-roll (aboard the Mars class battlecruiser)

-Retribution Battleship

-Mars Battlecruiser (squadroned with following two ships)

---Dominator Cruiser

---Gothic Cruiser

-Dauntless Light Cruiser, lances

-Sword Frigates x3

-Firestorm Frigates x3

-Cobra Destroyers x2


The Azure Flames Space Marines deploy in a Wedge (white area) to cut into the Sphere of the Imperial Navy (gray area).  Deployment map C:


Azure Flames turn 1

His Hammer II launches Thunderhawks and comes about.  Strike Cruisers go on All Ahead Full.  His Anvil fires Thunderhawks and Boarding Torpedoes to put the Imperials on the defensive.  Novas move up the edge of the board.

The Imperials are denied.

A threatening volley is fired!

Novas try to creep up the board edge.

Imperial Navy turn 1

The squadron of cruisers turns on His Anvil, which braces.  One Nova Cannon misses, but another hits!  ...doing one hit.  Amazing fire from the Sword frigates lower the Battlebarge's other two shields.  Torpedoes from the Gothic stop the boarding torpedoes.  The rest of the fleet comes about to re-engage.  Thunderhawks take out one of the two Cobras.

Nova Cannon?  More like marshmallow cannon.

Cobras get too close, and Thunderhawks make them pay.

Azure Flames turn 2

His Hammer II goes on All Ahead Full and leaves the Imperials in the dust (cloud).  Strike Cruisers pool their Thunderhawks and fire a 6 strong wave.  Novas and His Anvil destroy 2 of the 3 Sword frigates.

Here come the Space Marines!

The Novas pounce!

Imperial Navy turn 2

Mars launches 4 fighters which take up CAP duties in the squadron.  Gothic launches torpedoes, but a terrible Turret roll by me and a terrible Torpedo roll by Stephen means all 6 torpedoes go right through me!  Up close and personal Nova Cannon shotguns hit His Anvil hard, but fantastic Brace saves prevent any damage.  Thunderhawks approach.  Remaining Sword goes on a suicide charge at the Novas.  The rest of the fleet goes on All Ahead Full with some fantastic leadership rolls!

Nova Cannons lay into His Anvil, which weathers the storm.  The Sword prepares to sell its life dearly...

Don't spare the plasma!

Azure Flames turn 3

Remaining Sword lives, despite failing to Brace for Impact, TWICE!  Strike Cruisers mass for a strength 18 torpedo wave!  One Thunderhawk splits off to remove the screen from the Gothic class.  This along with fire from His Anvil cripples the Gothic class, causing an Engine Room critical.  The Mars also gets an Engine Room critical and two fires from Thunderhawks.


The storm is coming...

Imperial Navy turn 3

Due to Engine Room criticals, the Gothic and Mars cannot turn, so they move minimum distance.  Torpedoes fired by the Gothic several turns ago strike the Dauntless, causing one damage!  Lagging fleet continues All Ahead Full.  Nova Canon shot does 3 hits to the Courage, doing 1 damage, and causing an Engine Room critical! The surviving Sword disengages!

Friendly fire!

The Dominator draws blood from the Strike Cruiser Courage.  A fantastic Nova Cannon shot makes it unable to turn!

Azure Flames turn 4

Thanks to the planet, His Anvil makes a turn and boards the Mars class, doing 9 damage and turning it into a drifting hulk.  The Courage and the Vigilance board the crippled Gothic, making it a drifting hulk.  The Sacrifice fires torpedoes and Thunderhawks at the Dominator, doing two damage and causing a Port Weapons Malfunction.  His Hammer II launches Thunderhawks to menace the incoming escorts.

The storm breaks upon the Imperials... (pictured above, the Vigilance is where the blank base is)

Here comes trouble...

Imperial Navy turn 4

Dominator tries to disengage, but fails!  The rest of the fleet sticks around to help it.  Lance fire takes two shields down from His Hammer II.

The rest of the fleet covers for the Dominator.

Azure Flames turn 5

Both Battlebarges go on Lock On, and the Strike Cruisers Come to a New Heading.  The fleet does four more damage (with some poor rolls), crippling the Dominator.  Turn not pictured.

Imperial Navy turn 5

All ships disengage, except the Firestorms who fail!  They make for a Gas Cloud for cover...  Turn not pictured.

Azure Flames turn 6

Strike Cruisers Reload Ordnance.  18 torpedoes kill the closest and farthest Firestorm, but an incredible brace roll saves the second Firestorm!  ...which then dies to Thunderhawk gunships.  Game ends.  Turn not pictured.


Final Score

Azure Flames - 907

Imperial Navy - 10


*squirts Mountain Dew out of nose*


Well!  Let's see what happened.  I got a great deployment opportunity to divide the Imperials.  Stephen had a 1500 list that he wanted to play, but it wasn't tailored to fight Marines.  Stephen could have unbalanced his deployment (because he had more to deploy) but he was about as balanced as I was.  Next, I got lucky with some missed Nova Cannon shots and UNBELIEVABLE boarding rolls.  His Anvil beat the Mars class by NINE.  That killed a completely undamaged cruiser in one go.  Finally, the two hulked ships remained as I held the field, giving me approximately 140 extra points.  Finally I got 120 extra points because the Firestorms failed to disengage.

Next: Super Secret Project, Gothic or 40K at AFK and EPIC ARMAGEDDON at Highland!


Gothic Demo at AFK – Stephen’s first game!

Before I begin with the battle report, I must show off a painting technique I saw at AFK.  A player there had a fantastic pre-heresy mostly Forgeworld Imperial Fist army.  He has a painting technique for the right-angled grooves in Space Marine vehicles that I found intriguing.  Here it is:

I had always thought to highlight the edges, but here you see that the edges are DARKENED.  I think it looks neat, and may try that on a future project...


Recently, I've been cross-posting on the Battlefleet Gothic facebook group page.  (for those here from that, hi everyone!)  Stephen has long been a fan of Battlefleet Gothic, collecting a massive Imperial Navy fleet with a smaller Chaos fleet alongside it.  He's even painted it all!  However, for twelve years, NO ONE HAS PLAYED BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC WITH HIM!

That changed last night.  Stephen came prepared with a nice 1500 point list, but having never played, I convinced him to play my (all too familiar) training scenario.  Luckily for him, he had the ships to play the Imperial Navy without borrowing any of mine!


Battlefleet Gothic training scenario - Modified Cruiser Clash

Bozeman - Chaos

-Slaughter class cruiser Swiftboat of Truth

-Slaughter class cruiser Traitor's Blade

-Carnage class cruiser Overkill, Chaos Lord (+2 Ld), re-roll.

-Murder class cruiser Domination

Stephen - Imperial Navy

-Lunar class cruiser, Commander (Ld 8), re-roll

-Lunar class cruiser

-Tyrant class cruiser

-Gothic class cruiser




Turn 1 - Chaos

The Traitor's Blade (left side pictured) goes on Come to a New Heading to maneuver around a gas cloud.  Other ships fire at the Gothic class and take down its shields.

Turn 1 - Imperial Navy

The two Lunar class ships fire torpedoes at the Traitor's Blade.  Poor brace save rolls cripple it.  The Gothic and Tyrant fire torpedoes at the Carnage, but good brace saves protect against all but one damage.

Turn 2 - Chaos

Murder class and the Swiftboat of Truth go on Lock on, and damage the Tyrant class once, collapsing its shields with a lucky crit!  The Murder also turns its guns on the Lunar with the Imperial Commander, while the crippled Traitor's Blade attempts a boarding action.  A poor roll gives the Traitor's Blade two more damage.

Turn 2 - Imperial Navy

Tyrant class disengages.  The Gothic goes on Lock on.  Good brace saves protect the Carnage with the Chaos Lord and the Murder class.  The two Lunars gang up on the wounded Traitor's Blade, with one going on Lock on.  Ironically, the Locked On ship does nothing, while the braced Commander's ship does one more damage!

Turn 3 - Chaos

The Traitor's Blade disengages (whew!) while the other Slaughter class, the Swiftboat of Truth goes on Come to a New Heading to get behind the Gothic.  Other ships maneuver.

Turn 3 - Imperial Navy

Lunar without the Commander goes on Come to a New Heading, however the Commander's ship fails a Command Check, even with a re-roll!  The fleet wheels to face the remaining threats.

Turn 4 - Chaos

Slaughter class goes on Lock On while the rest go on Come to a New Heading to come about.  Fire gives the Gothic class FOUR damage, even through Brace!  Critical causes another Shields Collapsed result.

Turn 4 - Imperial Navy

Gothic disengages.  Commander's Lunar goes on Come to a New Heading while the other Lunar Reloads Ordnance and fires, leaving the wave just shy of the Slaughter.

Turn 5 - Chaos

Slaughter takes one damage by flying through Torpedoes without bracing, and gets up close and personal with the Lunar that fired them.  Brace saves all but one damage but it it critical and damages the Port side weapons!  This is TERRIBLE.  Other Chaos ships Come to a New Heading again.

Turn 5 - Imperial Navy

Commander's ship Reloads Ordnance, and the other Lunar repairs its Port weapons, too late to put them to use...

Turn 6 - Chaos

Murder goes on All Ahead Full to clear a gas cloud, but the Carnage fails a Command check, making it unable to Lock On!  Fire does no damage to the Lunar, despite three ships giving it everything.

Turn 6 - Imperial Navy

Commander's ship fires Torpedoes at the Chaos Lord's Carnage class, crippling it!  Despite having functional weapons, the other Lunar, being on Brace, holds fire to prevent the Torpedoes from having blast marker problems.

Turn 7 - Chaos

The fleet uses Come to a New Heading to wheel around.  The Murder class can't hit the Lunar that doesn't have the Commander.

Turn 7 - Imperial Navy

Commander's ship Reloads Ordnance while the other Lunar Comes to a New Heading.  Commander fires torpedoes at the Chaos Lord's crippled Carnage, but fails to hit.

Turn 8 - Chaos

Carnage with the Chaos Lord disengages.  Slaughter Comes to a New Heading.  Murder fires on the Lunar without the Commander aboard, but can't do much but lower shields.

Turn 8 - Imperial Navy

Imperial Fleet disengages.


Final Score

Bozeman - 104.5

Stephen - 111.25


WOW!  What a nail biter!  It came close at the end.  Stephen is super excited to really play this game, as he's wanted to for ages.  I'm glad I could oblige.  Hopefully next week I'm not working so we can play a different mission.

Next: a super secret project, some Epic Orks, and more Rules Compendium updates!



Necrons vs. Dark Eldar – 510 pt. modified Cruiser Clash at Highland

Highland had their monthly meeting, but few showed.  Rob wanted more Gothic (will he catch the Gothic bug?) so he tried out my Dark Eldar, and asked that I play...


Yes, THOSE Necrons.  How did he fare?  Let's find out!


Bozeman - Necron Harvest Fleet, 510 pts

-Scythe class cruiser Awakener.

-Shroud class light cruiser Desert Whisper.

-Dirge class raider x2, Khopesh Squadron.


Rob - Chosen of Shadow Dark Eldar, 500 pts

-Torture class cruiser Gift of Discord, Launch Bays

-Corsair class escort x3, Banes of Joy, Phantom Lances

-Corsair class escort x2, The Jesters, Impaler Assault Modules


Mission: Cruiser Clash

Modifications: 510 point limit, added celestial phenomena, no restrictions other than those in fleet list, victory points.

Location: Inner Biosphere (one Solar Flare)




Turn 1 - Necron Harvest Fleet

Before turn 1 begins, A SOLAR FLARE OCCURS!

All ships go on All Ahead Full.  Thanks to Inertialess Drives, the Scythe makes it all the way across the board and surprises the Dark Eldar.  One lance Corsair is destroyed.  The rest of the fleet moves up.

The Scythe surges ahead.

Necrons can be surprisingly fast.

Turn 1 - Chosen of Shadow Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar bombers bounce off of the Scythe, but Impaler Assault Modules disable the Lightning Arcs and prevent the Scythe from turning!  So close to the edge, the Scythe is in danger of disengaging involuntarily.  The entire Dark Eldar fleet goes on Come to a New Heading and turns fire on the Dirges, who brace to avoid damage.

Ancient enemy?  Hardly.

Turn 2 - Necron Harvest Fleet

Scythe goes on Burn Retros to avoid going off the board edge.  Dirges take out one more lance Corsair.  Shroud continues to advance.


Turn 2 - Chosen of Shadow Dark Eldar

Reloads give the Dark Eldar enough ordnance to put 2 damage on the Scythe, re-applying the repaired critical effect preventing it from turning.  Battery fire kills a Dirge despite Brace for Impact.

Turn 3 - Necron Harvest Fleet

Damaged, and unable to Burn Retros again, the Scythe chooses to move its full distance off the board to automatically disengage.  The surviving Dirge also disengages.  The Shroud goes on All Ahead Full to surprise the Torture cruiser Gift of Discord, causing 2 damage.

Turn 3 - Chosen of Shadow Dark Eldar

The Dark Eldar turn to face the Shroud.  Necrons choose to trust their armor, and lucky battery fire causes 2 damage, crippling the Shroud.


Turn 4 - Necron Harvest Fleet

Lightning arcs from the Shroud do little to the Torture.

Turn 4 - Chosen of Shadow Dark Eldar

Brace for Imapct saves the Shroud from more damage.

Turn 5 - Necron Harvest Fleet

Amazing battery fire despite being crippled and on Brace causes the Torture to take 2 more damage, crippling it and applying a Prow critical result.

Turn 5 - Chosen of Shadow Dark Eldar

Phantom lance causes 2 damage to the Shroud, reducing it to a drifting hulk.


Final score:

Bozeman - 100

Rob - 554



I haven't had a loss this bad since I first got into 40k.  That's a 454% margin of loss.  Plus, Rob scored more victory points than the game was worth.

Necrons can't split up or they get picked off.  Plus, charging forward was stupid as it left me in a position to get forced off the board.  I also set up weird, splitting my forces so that Rob could refuse the flank.  Rob got screwed by the Solar Flare, but recovered nicely.

Next: a game at AFK!


A piece of history: Battlefleet Gothic promo board decoration


I've got some battle reports for the past few days to write up, expect them later tonight.  However, this bore no further waiting.  Pictured above is Dan, one of the owners of the fine establishment AFK Games in Holt, MI.  In his hands is a piece of gaming history.  Back in the 90's when Battlefleet Gothic was new, GW gave out plexiglass table decorations that had been airbrushed with artistic starscapes, as a promo for Rogue Traders to get people into Gothic.  I had no idea these existed until yesterday when Dan showed me the one he had hidden in his store room.  This is part of a game I dearly love.

Perhaps one will go on ebay one day... probably not though...

Enough self pity.  To writing!  Expect not one but TWO Battlefleet Gothic reports, one from fabled Highland and one from our hometown folks at AFK!  Stay tuned!  To the website.  You can't really tune a website.


T’au Il’porrui Eir O’ran light cruiser

That's the last of my Tau capital ships!  Big thanks to Joshua who borrowed this fleet for my Tau campaign and graciously did all the legwork to name the ships.  Well, now his names will live forever.  Coming up next: Tau Escorts, a visit to my peeps in Highland, and HOPEFULLY I can get a Friday off so I can visit AFK and get some 40K on a regular basis.  Stay tuned!


Battlefleet Gothic – Marines vs. Tyranids – A Long Time Coming

I've been on a Gothic kick, and just coincidentally my good friend John who got me into Gothic came into town.  We weren't going to play anything due to a delayed start from inclement death weather, but John sort of pulled a huge guilt trip and I set up my old dusty table I bought from the closing Games Workshop Novi.

John decided to play his new Tyranid fleet, but they were packed in the same case as his home made Ork Roks, so I snapped this pic:

John's Tyranid fleet is only half complete, so he used some paper cutout proxies.  As much as I like models, I have to admit they look good.


Scenario - The Raiders

Battlezone - Deep Space

Tyranid defenders are at -1Ld for the first 4 turns


John - Tyranid Hive Fleet 2501 - 1500 points (Defender)

-Two Hive Mind Re-rolls

-Hive Ship, upgrade to Ld 9, Prow Feeder Tentacles, Thorax Bio Plasma, 3x Port/Starboard Bio Plasma

-Hive Ship, upgrade to Ld 9, Prow Feeder Tentacles, Thorax Launch Bays, 3x Port/Starboard Launch Bays

-Cruiser, Prow Massive Claws, Thorax Massive Claws, 2x Port/Starboard Bio Plasma

-Cruiser, Prow Massive Claws, Thorax Massive Claws, 2x Port/Starboard Bio Plasma

-Cruiser, Prow Massive Claws, Thorax Massive Claws, 2x Port/Starboard Bio Plasma

-Kraken x6, Massive Claws

-Escort Drone x7, 6x Bio Plasma, 1x Fire Ship

-Escort Drone x7, 7x Bio Plasma


Bozeman - Azure Flames Space Marines - 750 points (Attacker)

-Zeraf Antonius, Master of the Fleet (Ld 10), 2 Re-Rolls, Honour Guard (aboard the Honor)

-Strike Cruiser Honor, Extra Shield

-Strike Cruiser Duty, Extra Shield

-Strike Cruiser Courage, Extra Shield

-Strike Cruiser Vigilance, Extra Shield



Turn 1 - Azure Flames

Two squadrons, the Honor with the Duty and the Courage with the Vigilance come in from the right side, both squadrons going on Lock On.  Fantastic battery fire and poor Kraken brace saves destroy the entire Kraken squadron.  Bombardment cannons and twenty four torpedoes destroy the paper Cruiser.

The Hive Fleet, massing to attack this system, is surprised by Space Marines!

Four Strike Cruisers do some serious damage.

Turn 1 - Hive Fleet 2501

Dead cruiser drifts forward, other cruisers and escorts go on Come to a New Heading to respond to the Space Marine threat.  Carrier Hive Ship launches 8 fighters, and they perform various CAPs.  Thunderhawk Gunships move out.

The Tyranids, caught napping, begin the lengthy process of turning around.

Thunderhawk flights away.

Turn 2 - Azure Flames

Both squadrons Reload Ordnance.  One Escort Drone is destroyed by Thunderhawks, causing a Brace.

Turn 2 - Hive Fleet 2501

Escort Drones with the Fire Ship go on All Ahead Full.  Thunderhawks hit the Hive Ship, causing a Brace and disabling the Feeder Tentacles.  Woo.  Carrier launches 8 more fighters.

Thunderhawks sow confusion in the Tyranid fleet.

Turn 3 - Azure Flames

Fleet moves up.  Poor bombardment cannon rolls do nothing to the Escort Drones, but scare them into a Brace.  Torpedoes cause three damage to the Hive Ship and one damage to the Cruiser.  Thunderhawks cause three more effects to disable the Feeder Tentacles on the Hive Ship.  During the Ordnance Phase, some Tyranid Fighters arrive a bit late.

It's time for... MORE TORPEDOES!

Turn 3 - Hive Fleet 2501

Cruiser pulls up and fires, doing one damage to the Honor.  Rest of fleet continues to wheel.  Several fighters are voluntarily removed so that the Carrier Hive Ship can launch 8 Assault Boats.

Turn 4 - Azure Flames

Both squadrons go on Lock on.  Fire removes four Escort Drones from one squadron (including the Fire Ship) and one from the other.

Turn 4 - Hive Fleet 2501

Close enough to fire, the fleet pulls off major manuevers to fire every gun they can.  The Honor is crippled.

Turn 5 - Azure Flames

Fleet disenages.  The squadron with the Honor almost fails, but a re-roll gets them safely away.  Game over.


Final Score

Azure Flames: 366

Hive Fleet 2501: 149


Post Game: I could have won on turn 2 by disengaging.  However, that would have been boring.  This result had a smaller margin of victory, but was much more in-keeping with the fluff.  After all, the Space Marines would try to hurt the Tyranids as much as possible before they got too far in-system.  John had all of his ships facing towards the left of the setup picture above, so I came in from the right.  My nimble Strike Cruisers outmaneuvered his Tyranid space cows.  Escort Drones and Cruisers have a 45 degree turn.  Ugh.  The Raiders is a tough one for the Defender.  You need to be facing every direction, and you need fast maneuverable things to respond to any threat.

Coming up next, more Gothic and perhaps some 40K from Highland!  I also hope to go back to AFK this coming Friday, unless something happens.  Stay tuned!


Battlefleet Gothic Compendium 4.0

The link above (and the handy one in the sidebar to the right) links to my Battlefleet Gothic Compendium.  I have updated it in a major way for a third time, making this the fourth iteration of the compendium.  In truth, this was done months ago, but I couldn't upload the front cover until now due to file size shenanigans.

Here it is, in all it's glory:

The new 4.0 version has the following features:

-Full bleed front cover, for aesthetics.

-Table of contents inside front cover for organization.

-All files now updated to 2010 Compendium, including rules updates and lists such as Eldar Iyanden Fleet.

-Fixes for all files for spelling, rules accuracy, and readability, especially for tables.

-Scenarios, Campaign Rules, and Planetary Defences split into separate sections, and printed on different color paper to differentiate.

-Imperial Navy and Space Marines are now two different sections with different colors, as they are different "races" in Gothic.

-Chaos Daemonship rules are now 1/2 of a page rather than one paragraph for ease of explanation and accuracy.

-Several minor fleet lists added, for completeness sake, such as Ork Pirates of the Cyclops Cluster and Eldar Gothic Sector Corsairs.

-Major update for Tau including special character Kor'O'Mesme and 2010 rules for modified Kroot Warspheres.

-Expanded Tyranids due to page count purposes.  Vanguard fleet list now completely pointed out, and Evolution of the Hive Mind is a well organized table rather than paragraph form.

-Moved Leadership table to inside cover, and Boarding table and modifiers to back cover.  Now, all resources neccesary for setup are on the inside back cover, and all tables for play are on the outside back cover.  This allows easy access to tables without page flipping.


As with all my home made compendia, the following goes: I did not create any of this content.  It all came from the Battlefleet Gothic Main Rulebook, Armada Rulebook, and 2010 update.  This compendium merely condenses approximately 450 pages of rules and fluff into approximately 80 pages of rules in outline, bullet point, or table format.  If you want to print this for yourself, you are welcome to do so.  HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT SELL THESE FILES OR ANY PRINTS MADE FROM THESE FILES FOR ANY REASON.  Thank you, and have fun!