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T’au Il’porrui Eir O’ran light cruiser

That's the last of my Tau capital ships!  Big thanks to Joshua who borrowed this fleet for my Tau campaign and graciously did all the legwork to name the ships.  Well, now his names will live forever.  Coming up next: Tau Escorts, a visit to my peeps in Highland, and HOPEFULLY I can get a Friday off so I can visit AFK and get some 40K on a regular basis.  Stay tuned!


T’au Il’porrui Lynu Kar’tyr “Emmisary” class light cruiser

One more light cruiser to go, and then it's on to the escorts!  Next: BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC AT HIGHLAND!


T’au Il’porrui M’yen Lar’shi Emmisary Class Light Cruiser

In truth this was 95% done, but I was too busy (and lazy) to put the finishing touches on tonight.  On another important note, Testors brand matte varnish will "dry" to a shine at 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and then become matte when warmed to room temperature.  Fun fact!

Next: another Tau light cruiser, and the Battlefleet Gothic stuff in action at Highland!


On my plate 9/26/14: Distracted Edition

Things are not going great, but it's high time for me to stop letting life get in the way and do some hardcore hobby action!  All three of my readers demand it!  Well, truth be told, they've been a bit silent, but I can feel it in their hearts.  My hobby bones are rumbling.

Bones rumble, don't they?

Battlefleet Gothic Tau - As my Tau player dropped out during our campaign I sort of lost interest in painting this fleet.  However it's about 1/3 done and I want to finish it so it should be my primary goal.  Other projects should jump in.  Status: 3 more capital ships, a large selection of escorts, and some defences left to do.  I also have to pick a scheme for the Nicassar.  Perhaps earth tones?  Or go super extravagant with gold?

Azure Flames - I need to finish my Grav Sternguard.  Next, a 5 man non-jump-pack assault squad with 2 flamers.  Finally, I need to make some new sergeants with power swords.  I have been getting MURDERED in challenges with Power Fists.  I also need Centurions, a Hunter/Stalker, and a Stormraven.

Orks - MORE LADZ!  I also need to buy some Fighta-bommaz and perhaps some new Big Gunz.

Battlefleet Gothic Eldar - I purchased a pre-painted Eldar fleet, but it had no light cruisers.  I won one of each light cruiser in an auction and I need to strip them and try to match the paint scheme of my new fleet.

Battlefleet Gothic Necrons - I need a paint scheme and I need to get painting.  They are the last thing for Gothic.  Until I buy a new fleet NO BAD BOZEMAN!

Blood Bowl Orcs - I need to make four Cheerleader goblins, and then paint them as well as my four Assistant Coach goblins and the team coach, Warboss Grimfang da Lotz.

Epic Orks - Gotta finish that 3000pt teaching list.

Epic Eldar - Gotta make a 3000 pt teaching list and build it and paint it as the Yme-Loc craftworld (gray and orange with white details)

Epic Lost and the Damned - 3000pt teaching list and paint it.

Necromunda - Paint my Escher gang, Razor and the Scumettes.

Epic Space Marines - Finish painting a whole chapter so I can say "I have painted a whole chapter of Space Marines."

Space Hulk - Wait for an ebay auction for the new mission book and rulebook, and the new tiles.  Also "acquire" the expansions. *looks innocent*


T’au Il’porrui Sh’ve Mont’re “Emmisary” class light cruiser

Next: another Tau light cruiser and a batrep for the Gothic league!

Edit: The Battlefleet Gothic Image Gallery now contains the Tau ships I've painted.


Tau Protector Class: T’au Lar’shi’vre Aloh Sho’ka

Another Tau cruiser!  Next, light cruisers, and more games!


T’au Lar’shi’vre Shi Kais “Protector” class cruiser

Next: another Protector class!


T’au Or’es Mont’yr Shi’ur Custodian Class Battleship

Finally starting to paint my Tau Kor'or'vesh fleet.  This ship was named by Josh, who is borrowing my Tau fleet for our Battlefleet Gothic campaign.  Next up, a battle report from today's upcoming game, and some more Tau ships painted!


Power Fist Combi-Melta Sergeants

Long ago, in the wake of Big Game 5, I needed more Sergeants with Power Fists.  I took two older sergeants and retrofitted them to have Power Fists and Bolt Pistols, because back then in 4th edition you could have the extra attack.

Ever since 5th, these models have sat in my case, useless.  No more.  I popped their Bolt Pistols off, gave them shiny new Combi-Meltas, and touched up their details.  Now I have valid options besides my coveted Power Fist Combi-Flamer Sergeants.

Next: Combi-Grav Sternguard and a trip to White Lake if I can swing it.


Final Stormtalon pics and amazing magnetic power!

Here are the final pictures of the Stormtalon!  As you can see above, the magnetized stand holds on when lifted, and is even strong enough to hold the aircraft upside down from the stand!  These pics would have been earlier, but when testing the magnetic stand I did not have it aligned properly, and it fell right on the canopy, giving it a very unsightly crack.  I ordered a replacement and it arrived today.  Odd prices on ebay.  The canopy bit was $5 but the whole cockpit was $5.39, so I got the whole thing.

Next, possibly a trip to White Lake!  Coning soon, Grav Gun Sternguard!